All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication now working two shifts in the machine shop • SPEAK WITH AN EXPERT.

All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication now working two shifts in the machine shop

All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication are pleased to announce that for the first time ever, a second shift in the machine shop is now in place.  Beginning on April 14th, 2014, CNC machinery and threadmills are now operational for sixteen hours a day rather than the traditional eight hour work day.  Plans are already in place to add to the current personnel on shift #2, as we intend to add manual labor to complement the automatic machines. 

Since the acquisition of Avatar VFFS (vertical, form, fill and seal) and the continued growth of both All-Fill filling machines and Alpha Checkweighers, machine assemblers at our Exton, PA facility often are waiting for crucial parts from the machine shop which disrupts schedules.  The intent of adding the second shift is to streamline the manufacturing process and avoid costly delays.  Auger Fabrication has always attempted to control most every part of the sales and manufacturing process allowing the flexibility to juggle and adjust quickly to the customers ever changing needs.  The addition of the second shift certainly allows for the opportunity for Auger Fabrication to decrease standard lead times.

For Auger Fabrication, the addition of a second shift will automatically mean larger quantities of machined raw materials shortening standard lead times presented to customers.  In the future, a main objective is to make Universal Tooling readily available “off the shelf” for all customers with Auger Fabrication filling machines and alike.  Auger Fabrication recognizes that machine downtime is most always more costly than an inventory of spare augers, funnels and auxiliary accessories.  As inventory levels climb, please look to hear about promotional offers from your Auger Fabrication sales team.

As both All-Fill and Auger progress and continue to innovate in the future, we believe that establishing a second machine shop shift will lead to future shiftwork for various areas of the company.  We thank our customers for allowing us the opportunity to work harder and strive to provide the best product possible.

For more information about both All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication, please contact your local sales person.

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