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Manufacturing 101: Fabrication of a Straight Auger #4 to #32

Auger Fabrication tries to keep auger sizing simplistic.  Utilizing a numeric naming system for each auger size increasing incrementally by 16ths of an inch has been an industry standard for over 30 years.  For example, a small #4 auger has a ¼” outside diameter; a larger #32 auger has a 2” outside diameter.

When manufacturing a straight auger less than a 2” (#32), there are two main components; the raw material for the stem and the milled bar for the given auger size.  A lathe is used to machine a center in one end and a 1/8” diameter hole in the other end.  The 1/8” diameter stem hole allows for the milled bar to be inserted and later welded together.  Before welding however, the milled bar is already made to the appropriate length.  The end of the milled bar that is to eventually serve as the bottom, is machined with a landing and left hand thread extending downward.  The purpose of the left hand thread is for securing the spinner plate, crucial for filling non free flow products, held in place by a left hand locking nut.

At this stage, the auger now 50% complete.  As a standard, each auger is inspected thoroughly by Auger-Fabrication’s quality control members.   Using engineered CAD files, the auger is inspected to ensure that any errors are corrected before the auger gets an aesthetic makeover.   Once an auger passes inspection, the four to five step grinding process begins.  Depending on the type of application the auger is to be used for, the grade of polish will vary greatly.  Some augers are for industrial use while others handle food grade and pharmaceutical products, as the application changes, so does the extent of the polish.  The final step of the auger manufacturing process is to drill and insert a pin at the top of the auger that inserts to the auger shaft.  The cross pin allows for the auger shaft to hold the auger in position as it rotates counterclockwise (typically).  To ensure the highest quality, the auger gets inspected once more prior to engraving.  Each auger supplied by Auger Fabrication has a part number engraved on the stem of the auger.  In order to make reordering easier, always reference the part number in discussions with your regional Auger-Fab salesperson.  Please look for further blog content discussing the manufacturing process of larger than #32 straight augers.  For more information about our quality offerings, please contact Auger-Fabrication at 610-524-3350 or

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