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Auger Fabrication has been the leader in the packaging industry for 50 years, and will continue to be the unmatched leader in years to come, especially with the development of the Marketing Department. Through the years, there have been hybrids such as the Technical Writer / Marketing hybrid, but there has never been a standalone Marketing Department until 2015. Because of this development, Auger Fabrication has increased profitability and decreased outsourcing of marketing materials.

The story of the Marketing Department starts in 2013 with the Director of Technology, Jerry Cupo. He saw the spending on outsourcing for videos, photos, ads, and everything else in between and thought there was a more economical way to go about that. There were so many awesome jobs that Auger Fabrication completed that were never had photo or video and he started there. In addition to his daily responsibilities, he took on videos and photos of the machinery and within a year Auger Fabrication knew there was a need to expand upon this.

In 2015, Auger Fabrication hired its first member of the Marketing Department, Teresa Rivera. She had recently graduated with a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Hood College (yes, this is an actual college). Her background also includes graphic design, photojournalism, journalism, marketing, and social media. All of this played a part when she hit the ground running in 2015.

Originally hired to create as much content as possible, her role quickly shifted from videos and photos of all machinery to include more of her hidden talents. Her background in graphic design brought on more responsibilities such as advertisements, tradeshow graphics, brochures, and pretty much anything else with All-Fill’s logo on it.  Within that first year, her skills at event planning were also discovered. She had planned campus-wide events before and it quickly translated into tradeshows. From just planning the PMMI shows to planning all 15 shows a year, Teresa is the point person for all of them.

When she is not at work, she wakes up excessively early to weight train without the crowds. She enjoys spinning, lifting heavy, and kickboxing. Other than the gym keeping her active, so do her two pudgy pugs that are too ridiculously named to even be mentioned. But enough about her, let’s meet the next addition to the Marketing Crew.

Meet Robert Reilly! Rob is a simple and easy-going guy who tells too many dad jokes for someone who isn’t a father. He always had the drive to create, typically drawing every chance he gets. Much to the annoyance of his managers. At a young age, he was drawn to animation, fascinated by how to make all those pictures move. Later in life, he attained an International Business Degree at Neumann University in 2012, but never lost his creative drive which had expanded to much more. In his spare time, he quickly learned how to edit video footage and photos, how to work a camera, and animate.

He married these skills when he came to All-Fill in 2017 to create great content for the All-Fill Media Gallery and marketing materials. He films the machines running your products, cuts the footage together, and makes each cut flow seamlessly. He also takes photos of said machines, cleans them up in photoshop, and makes them presentable for marketing materials. Finally, he creates the animated graphics you see in all our videos in the Media Gallery since he started, and is always looking for interesting and fun ways he can draw your attention to Auger Fabrication’s content.

When Rob isn’t at work…well let’s be honest even when he is, his mind is constantly on food! He is a foodie at heart and loves to cook and experiment with new things. If someone has leftover food from a meeting, he’ll be the first one to polish it off. If you can’t finish your lunch? Send it to Rob. We’re pretty sure his stomach is just a gateway to another universe, but the boys in the lab haven’t figured out which. Not to mention while he eats, he’ll break down exactly why he does and does not like what he is eating. Explaining, in detail, how the ingredients work in harmony to create an explosion of flavor, or why the texture is off, or what could make a dish better. He’ll happily cook for you simply because he loves to see people’s positive reactions to his dishes. Perhaps he’ll be the next famous food critic? To sum up: when he doesn’t work, he creates. Now, let’s meet the latest addition to the Marketing Family.

Meet Matt Krohmer! The second tallest member of the Marketing Team. Matt is the latest addition to the team and will use his experience as a Graphic & Web Designer to help manage the Auger Fabrication brand and its family of companies. Matt attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where he earned a BFA with a concentration in Communication & Advertising Design. Over his career, he has worked in small and large design agencies. He also ran his own design firm but kept coming back to the idea of working in-house being the most ethical and enjoyable fit for him. Getting to know the people, the product and the industry is something you can’t pretend, and he looks forward to learning the many facets of the packaging world and earning the respect of his coworkers.


Matt’s skill set specializes in brand, print, package, exhibition, and digital design. He has worked in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, gaming, B2B manufacturing, consumer products, outdoor, and defense. This exposure will be a value to the Auger Fabrication team and its diverse customer base. His experience dealing with a variety of markets and mediums will be an asset to the marketing team. As the company and department continue to expand, Matt will help keep each brand identity and their ongoing initiatives consistent and strategic and help grow into new markets and add value to the Auger Fabrication experience for its growing customer base.

Matt was raised in Springfield, Delaware County. He now lives in Downingtown with his wife and two kids and is excited to get to work for a local company. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, working on his house and yard, fishing in the spring, hunting in the fall, discovering new music, watching football and mastering his beloved Weber Grill.

Well, that is all for now! You now have both a name and a face with the people that create content for you on the daily. For more information about All-Fill’s capabilities, give us a call at (610) 524-7350 or visit our website at

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