Welcome Emma: A New Member of the AFI Family • SPEAK WITH AN EXPERT.

“Thank you for calling AFI. How may I help you?” A calm, pleasant voice responds on the other end of your phone. It’s a line that, if you call us regularly, you hear often. That friendly and helpful voice that guides you to where your requests can best be satisfied. Though, something about that voice seems a bit different lately. Sounds a bit more prim and proper than one is used to. That’s because the voice on the other end is Australian-born Emma Kelt.

Emma is the latest person to join the AFI family. She came to the States as an exchange student, and remained here for 15 years.  She has an adventurous spirit and loves traveling and doing outdoor activities such as camping, snowboarding, scuba-diving and more. She also is an animal lover, especially to her Mini Dachshund, Beans.

She was eager to join the AFI family for the friendly work environment. Emma picked up her newfound responsibilities quickly, all while welcoming customers and guests with a friendly demeanor, and a bright attitude. This can be attributed to her many years of experience in the Hospitality field. A polite, welcoming smile, a clam, pleasant voice, and a warm personality, we are very excited to have Emma a part of the AFI family.

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