Straight augers (13-1/8” OAL) are typically used for free-flowing powders such as granulated sugar, salt, bread crumbs, etc. They are commonly used with a slow speed or flake blade agitator, a straight funnel (5-9/16” OAL), and collector funnel and spinner plate.  All parts are made in-house and designed to meet the delivery of the size auger and funnel combination.  The purpose of this design is to allow the auger to meter product efficiently onto the spinner plate. Without the spinner plate, free flowing products will pass through the auger and funnel. The spinner plate stops product and with proper spacing between the end of the funnel and spinner plate, product is dispensed accurately into a collector funnel or dust shroud. The collector funnel nozzle is then sized to the opening of the customer’s container or bag.

  1. Slow speed agitator blade(s)
  2. Auger Shaft
  3. High-speed agitator: a.) Type A3 
  4.  Auger
  5. Drip washer with left hand threaded screw
  6. Funnel
  7. Spinner plate with left hand threaded nut 
  8. Collector Funnel Cover
  9. Collector Funnel
  10. Nozzle
  11. Dust Shroud


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