Self-feeding augers (13-1/8” OAL or 20-1/8” OAL or VFF&S augers) are used for non-free flowing powders such as bakery mixes, carbon, talcum powder, etc. They are commonly used with a slow speed agitator, a high speed “D” agitator blade and a lip funnel (5-9/16” OAL or 12-9/16” OAL or longer for VFF&S applications). This type of auger is engineered differently than a straight auger. The top portion of the auger has over-flight. Over-flight is designed to grab and compact product evenly down through the straight section of the auger, dispensing product accurately. Lip funnels provide additional back pressure so that product does not drip from the auger. If a drip occurs because there isn’t enough back pressure to hold product back, we would add different restrictors. Examples would be, drip washers, grid restrictors, monofilament nozzles, or cut off assemblies.

  1. Slow speed agitator blade(s)
  2. Auger Shaft
  3. High speed agitator b.)Type D 
  4. Auger
  5. Drip washer with left hand threaded screw
  6. Funnel


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