Auger filling machines from Auger Fabrication may include a Slide Blade Cutoff device as a filling accessory. This accessory is installed at the bottom of the funnel and provides an air-operated, horizontal, flat blade that extends at the end of a fill to seal any additional product from being dispensed. These instructions are provided for the installation, operation, and maintenance of this accessory with your Auger Fabrication auger filling machine.


The typical Slide Blade Cutoff consists of the following major components.

For a complete list of components, sizes, dimensions and materials, refer to the assembly drawing supplied as part of the filling machine package of documentation accompanying the equipment.


Installation of the Slide Blade Cutoff consists of mounting the assembly at the end of the funnel installed on the filler, and connecting a source of compressed air. The cutoff requires a solenoid valve and regulator gauge for connection and operation. Typically, these items are supplied with the Cutoff when the cutoff is originally specified with the auger filler. If the Cutoff is ordered separately, it may be necessary for these items to be supplied in the field.

Use the following to install the Slide Blade Cutoff.


Installation of the Cutoff requires work beneath the funnel of the filler. Avoid any chance of accidental auger operation by disconnecting electrical power before starting any installation.
  1. Disconnect electrical power from the filling machine at the Safety Disconnect Switch.
  2. Install the specified funnel into the hopper coupling (if different that funnel used with cutoff).
  3. Install Cutoff Clamp onto end of funnel so that blade extends/retracts smoothly over funnel opening.
  4. Connect compressed air to regulator/gauge as shown.
  5. Use filling machine controls to test for proper operation of the Cutoff.

Operation and Maintenance

At the end of a fill cycle, the air cylinder actuates to extend the cutoff blade over funnel opening to stop product. The blade then retracts for the next fill cycle. Cutoff opening/closing can be controlled by a limit switch, or a defined time period to extend/retract, varying by device and/or application.

It is recommended that the Slide Blade Cutoff be periodically removed, disassembled, and cleaned for continuous, effective operation. Product may accumulate within the Blade Guides, preventing proper blade movement and can permanently damage the blade. Blade Guides should be removed from the Base Plate, product cleaned-away, and re-installed as periodic maintenance.


DO NOT attempt maintenance while cutoff is connected to installed and operational. Moving blade presents a serious hazard. Always disconnect air supply and remove cutoff from filling machine to perform maintenance.

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