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Auger Fabrication Inc. specializes in supplying new and replacement augers, conveyor screws, feeder screws and flight material for powder and bulk solids material handling equipment.

Testing Lab

Is your company faced with the tall task of installing an automatic filling machine or a semi-automatic filling machine? If so, Auger Fabrication is here to help. We have created a template for end users and OEM partners alike as they seek to organize their next project. Whether or not your application requires the use of an auger filler, vibratory filler, cup filler or piston filler, please use the content below to your advantage.

In addition, always contact Auger Fabrication with any questions you may have, we will put you in touch with a regional salesperson immediately and he will be your point of contact from the point of initial contact all the way to after market support.

  • Identify each container that you would like to have filled, and then associate each product that you would like to fill into each container/bottle/bag/box etc… B-SV-600-1-Quotations
  • Auger Fabrication always provides 100% free laboratory testing, it is highly recommended that you send in every product and sample container to Auger Fabrication’s full-time lab technician for evaluation.
  • Auger Fabrication recommends labeling the target weight on every container and creating an organized product matrix that will show every production run goal. The product matrix should contain the product to be filled, the container and its dimension -most notably opening size, the production rate in terms of CPM (containers per minute), and the accuracy that you would like to see the filling machine hold.
  • Upon receipt of samples and containers, Auger Fabrication will provide a laboratory test sheet that provides great detail on how we are going to approach your project. The objective of lab testing is to ensure that there are no surprises during the machine checkout phase. We want our customers to feel confident that we can handle their application prior to committing to a machine purchase.


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