All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication are proud to sponsor the M.A.S.H. • SPEAK WITH AN EXPERT.

All-Fill Inc. Sponsors Robotics Club

All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication are proud to sponsor the M.A.S.H. (Math and Science Heroes) robotics club.  The M.A.S.H. team consists of five middle school students from a combination of Boyertown Junior High School and Owen J. Roberts Junior High School.  The team members consist of Jeremiah MacNeill (Boyertown- 9th), T.J. Reynolds (OJR- 7th ), Tyler Rost (OJR- 9th ), Ryan Moser (OJR- 10th), and Dante Ragel (OJR- 7th).

The M.A.S.H. team competes in the F.T.C. (First Tech Challenge) part of FIRST Robotics.  The acronym for FIRST easily defines the club’s objective “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.”  The students have about 10-15 annual sponsors, All-Fill Inc. and Auger Fabrication being two of them.  The robotics club has made a robot to pick up balls as part of a competition where teams are rewarded for the quantity of balls that are successfully captured.  This unit was named Mish-Mash by the club.

Using a shoe string budget and a LEGO Mindstream basic controller, the students use their imagination and experience to compete statewide in scrimmages and official competitions.  At the forefront of all competitive events is sportsmanship.  The students learn to work with one another and realize that team building and friendly competition is paramount for success.

Not only has All-Fill been inspired by the work of the M.A.S.H. team, but we hope to inspire them as well by exhibiting to them our full line of packaging machinery including Auger Fillers, Checkweighing equipment, VFFS Bagging Machines and Linear net weight vibratory machines.  “Giving back to the local community is always a good thing, to see young minds at work is refreshing, these kids are on the right path for a successful career,” exclaimed Eric Edginton, General Manager of Auger Fabrication.

Auger Fabrication and All-Fill Inc. look forward to supporting the M.A.S.H. team for many years to come.  For more information on their robotics club, please visit…  MASH TRIAGE on Facebook, 

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