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Auger Fabrication: Profile Videos

 Often times it can be very difficult to explain what we do here at Auger Fabrication.  For those unfamiliar with the packaging industry it is often difficult to discuss our immense capabilities.  A large majority of our customer base is new to packaging altogether and for them we now offer an informative capabilities video that conveys our overall offering.  Auger Fabrication is proud to unveil a brand new company profile video that highlights exactly “who we are.”


Beginning in 1969, Auger Fabrication has a great story to tell.  The brand new Auger Fabrication profile video features an overall glimpse at the fine family of companies as well as a detailed look at each brand that we manufactures.  Auger Fabrication filling machine, Alpha Checkweighers, Avatar VFFS and Auger Fabrication are all featured in separate more detailed profiles easy found here on our website,

Auger Fabrication intends to send the profile videos to customers via email after introductory meetings so they get a good feel for our product offerings.  In addition, expect to see these videos on a continuous loop in our lobby waiting area and at all trade shows for 2014 and beyond.  Recently, we have made a very serious investment into marketing our machinery and it seems to pay off as we now find that our customers are much more educated than in the past.  Using simplistic pictures and video of the highest quality, discussions that were once difficult are now easy to grasp.

The number one intention of the company profile videos is to show how filling machines, checkweighers and vertical form fill seal bagging machines can be used as standalone units or integrated as one to form a packaging system.  “Understanding various packaging methods and unique approaches to applications is not easy, that is where we come in to play, allow us to provide the solution for you,” says Raymond Arra- regional salesperson for the East Coast and West Coast Territories.

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To view all of our profile videos, click here.

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