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Do you know your Auger Salesperson? Introducing Matt Brennecke

Auger Fabrication has been in business since 1984.  Originally, Auger Fabrications business model was built around supplying All-Fill Inc. and other auger filler manufacturers with new and replacement tooling.  Through the years, Auger Fabrication has forged a new revenue stream with custom designs and engineering for many different industries as well as staying true to the initial model.  This success is largely due to former President/CEO Glenn Edginton and his mainstay salesperson, Matt Brennecke.  Matt’s Long tenure and a dedication to customer service have allowed the Auger Fabrication brand to resonate through the industry.  Take a moment to learn more about Matt…

Matt Brennecke handles regional territories and all international sales for Auger-Fab.   Matt started with Auger in 1989 as operations manager.   In this role Matt was required to be the assistant to the general manager of the machine shop.  Matt also served as a purchasing agent, ordering materials needed for thread mills/CNC machines that automatically manufacture ready for polish augers.  During this time, Matt became familiar with part numbers, part descriptions and inventory control.   The next step in Matt’s progression was quality control manager where he gained a lot of knowledge inspecting finished parts prior to shipment. Matt would examine each part to make sure important dimensions such as overflight diameter, pitch length, stem diameter and auger overall length were correct per the engineered drawing.   One year later, in 1990, Matt was promoted to the sales position that he currently holds today.  Matt enjoys the challenge of garnering new customers and relies on the support of his many existing customer that continue to look to Matt for standard and custom filling and feeding solutions. Matt’s efforts at Auger-Fabrication have had a worldwide impact.  Beginning with Auger Fabrication Ltd. ( All-Fill Inc’s. sister company that supports European customers) it is easy to see how most packaged goods that are consumed worldwide are most likely handled using an accessory that Matt has sold. 

Matt Brennecke

Title: USA Regional/International Sales Manager
Phone: 484-875-3431 direct
610-505-8296 cell
Territory: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, West Virginia, Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Canada, International

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